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Check what TRIVA can do
TRIVA is a system based on group work with an internal Workflow functionality that is a highly flexible tool for building interconnectivity of standardized business processes. Find out about the functionalities that will streamline the work of your enterprise.
Managing processes
within the organisation
TRIVA is a modern tool for organising work and information flows in large and medium-sized enterprises, with which users can work, manage change and compete on the market more effectively. TRIVA automates and harmonises business and financial analyses and supports the company's processes.
your system set-up
TRIVA is a platform furnished with a technology for modelling software functionality to suit your company's needs as regards its business profile and individual employees. The structure of the system makes it easy to configure in order to reflect your organisation's needs and processes. It is you who decide which areas will be indispensable for an all-round management of your business.
The cockpit system
The user cockpit is the main workplace on TRIVA. This principal operating area brings together main data sourced from various levels like forms, list pages, user main view pages and reports. Importantly, this is where all business processes begin and end for an operator.
The cockpit also contains condensed data such as KPIs or task lists for a day or month, which give the user work comfort and let them concentrate on the daily work. Every user has all they need within hand's reach.
Mission and vision
We sought to create a premium product: all-round, advanced and tailored to the needs of large enterprises. This is how we came up with an ERP that is based on the unique business relation. With that the customer receives a product covering the areas which the organisation actually needs and which the customer can make full use of.
Each solution available on TRIVA may support particular processes across the entire functions, such as sales, procurement, warehouse management or accounting. One valuable feature of the system's structure is integration. The available functions form a coherent whole, which increases the efficiency of TRIVA and helps optimise all the activities within the enterprise.
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