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How you can benefit from TRIVA
TRIVA is a response to the customer's individual needs. The system has been designed to support advanced business processes so as to make comprehensive organisation management easy for you.
TRIVA gives you comfort in daily work. The technologically advanced ERP system has been created in order to ensure data protection at your enterprise.

TRIVA is a mobile ERP system that ensures safe and validated access for all the users of the business processes within the enterprise, from CEOs and directors to function heads and employees, to partners. The use of the latest technologies make information flow secure throughout the enterprise.

a comprehensive and elaborate tool that delivers functional solutions in a variety of areas and is designed to meet the expectations of demanding customers who seek dedicated solutions.

Mapping, optimisation and automation of business processes is one of the key objectives of TRIVA. These are made possible by in-built Workflow and DMS (document management system) mechanisms. This unique solution is natively integrated with the OCR mechanism for digitalisation of paper documents (ABBYY library), which brings measurable benefits for the company in terms of process standardisation and work efficiency.

TRIVA offers versatile mobile support in the form of desktops and cockpits from which every person within the enterprise can complete their tasks, make filings or give approvals such as for leave applications, from any place and any device.

The personnel of the enterprise, from CEOs and directors, to department heads, employees and partners, may access the system from any place and log in data or project dates online or offline. That facilitates electronic exchange of information and real-time data delivery 24 hours a day from any device.

TRIVA can be easily run from several thousand workstations at the same time, which guarantees high work efficiency for the entire team.

TRIVA helps optimise processes within the enterprise and provides the profiling of critical data for a user. It not only automates the key processes within your organisation but also makes them more cost-effective, efficient and, via regular updates, will give you an opportunity to adapt your business to the dynamically changing marketplace.

TRIVA is a configurable, modern, agile business solution that is both economical and quickly scalable. The system has been designed to be easily tailored to the individual needs of the enterprise.

TRIVA is based on integrated modules that support a variety of business areas in the enterprise. Its complex structure allows TRIVA to analyse comprehensively data sourced from the various areas and by that to monitor all processes within the organisation.

TRIVA is based on the latest technologies that address the needs of developing organisations. It stimulates dynamic management based on state-of-the-art solutions.

TRIVA has an in-built Business Intelligence system that supplies personalised data reports, analyses and indices to each user cockpit. At the same time, it is an advanced tool for business analysts, who can collate data from a number of sources and share them with TRIVA-integrated Microsoft Power BI.

Compliant with the Polish law
TRIVA is a Polish product created by Polish specialists with regard to the current legal regulations.

In response to the expectations of our customers we have decided to shoulder the task of monitoring legal changes and making necessary updates to the system. Being a Polish product TRIVA is developed specifically with regard to the Polish market and the local commercial law. Addressing the current needs of enterprises, this modern software is a quality base for future updates, upgrades and development of individual functions.

intuitive and flexible interfaces have been created to support every employee in their day-today job duties.

TRIVA is an all-round approach to the flow of work, information and documents within an organisation and its business environment that operates a system of cockpits for the staff, partners and sales representatives. Legibly and intuitively designed interfaces make navigation in the system easy.

Your development is our goal
TRIVA delivers relevant and useful information about the daily processes in your enterprise, making the company's performance clearly legible in any business cross-section, from subtotals to transaction level, for your time economy and enhanced work efficiency, which bring measurable benefits to the organisation.
TRIVA spells a comprehensive approach to work, information and documentary flows within the enterprise and its business environment via a system of desktops and cockpits for use by employees, clients and sales personnel. It facilitates electronic exchange of information and real-time data delivery 24 hours a day from any device.
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