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The TRIVA project seeks to cater for our customers in a special way. We want their businesses to attract leading experts.
Businesses differ. A business is an individuality that merits dedicated solutions.
Every element counts

Every organisation has a complicated structure that comprises a variety of elements. These include qualified staff, adequate work space, visionary management, clients as well as tools that streamline all the processes within the organisation. They cannot exist viably in separation. Only insofar as they are put together into one whole is success possible. Every element is critical; the parts interact and make the whole work in concert and efficiently.

Groundwork is key

An organisation needs a firm foundation, appropriate for its size so it can carry the load of all the operations and functions. It needs be the right fit as you cannot build a tower block on the same groundwork as a single family house. The groundwork of a business should be secure, offer working comfort and, through its efficiency and capacity for integration, improve the performance of the entire team with no need for revolution in the existing processes.

State-of-the-art, dedicated solution

In the age of digitalisation and automation, traditional management models cannot guarantee high efficiency. Large companies are afraid of technological changes or new solutions that can cause uncertainty, additionally heightened by the need to invest resources in the project. In response to these needs of large businesses we have created a premium product that is a perfect match for their profiles: complex, advanced and tailored to the needs of large clients.

TRIVA adapts to your organisation rather than vice versa.

TRIVA is complex software designed specifically for application to advanced enterprise functions, and as such it supports all-round management in organisations. The product is based on a unique business relationship between three elements: client, product and partner.

Implemented by experts
Created by Polish specialists
Tailored to needs

The manufacturer only delivers the software. With that we can hone in on the development of our product so that the software forms a solid base when implemented in even the most demanding enterprises.

Our selected and licensed partners work closely with the customer: they analyse the needs of the customer’s business and fathom the way it is organised. As a result, they are the company’s consultants and conduct implementation so as to make sure the product addresses its needs most accurately

This combination is a guarantee of top efficiency in implementing a dedicated solution that fits perfectly the specifics of the organisation. With that the customer receives a product covering the areas which the organisation actually needs and which the customer can make full use of.

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