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Client first
We are determined to get a full understanding of the needs of your enterprise and, based on it, to deliver a dedicated solution to contribute to your business success and streamline the daily operations of the enterprise.
Chose a product that best suits your needs
Customised approach is a key to success. With that, you receive a tailored product to satisfy your requirements.
Managing Director/CEO

Run up the efficiency of your enterprise with TRIVA, a new technology that supports its business operations. Go for productivity. Make the most of the strengths of the individual functions and draw on the resources available in the most effective way. With TRIVA, you can focus on revenues, corporate development and market expansion.

Sales Director

Combine marketing activities with sales, and monitor them on an ongoing basis. TRIVA offers an opportunity to control the achievement of marketing objectives at every stage, from lead to final transaction. Optimise your commercial activity by automating the sales process and provide your clients with the necessary data and documents without delays.

Finance Director

Get your enterprise ready for development by cutting costs. Focus on strategic actions to boost your business performance while retaining full control. As a fully integrated system, TRIVA helps you to manage the key business processes so as to ensure cost effectiveness, higher productivity and, at the same time, flexibility that allows you to adapt to the changing environment.

IT Director

Lead your organisation from the on-premises version to the application of hybrid solutions and to cloud activity. With TRIVA you can use the latest technologies for innovation and improved efficiency. Save your time and money, unburdened by maintenance or hosting responsibilities, and ensure seamless system updates for your organisation, depending on the corporate potential.

Business analyst

Optimise the organisation operationally and financially, going from the existing performance figures and known processes to higher efficiency. Streamline and automate your operations, and get a tool for reporting them to individual system users. TRIVA will assist you at every level, thus speeding up the business processes in the enterprise and improving financial reporting functions.

HR Director

Support management in their day-to-day business decisions and in defining strategies for the reporting teams. Determine the number of candidates running for a position. Decide for yourself if the required skills and applicant’s attributes are exactly what your organisation needs. TRIVA will help you create and manage the payroll system.

What TRIVA offers?
Daily work conformt

Make sure data are secure in your enterprise by implementing a technologically
advanced ERP system that complies with the Polish law.

What TRIVA offers?
Full mobility

TRIVA is a system accessible from every device (computer, tablet, smartphone), in local installations, online and in the cloud. No matter how the system is used, every employee can enjoy convenient access to the same data and functionalities.

What TRIVA offers?
Complex business processes under control

TRIVA is a complex and elaborate tool designed for highly demanding enterprises, which delivers functional solutions in many areas.

Working with the client
Dedicated solutions
for business

Your company has a unique structure, character and organisational culture. Therefore in order to streamline its operations you need a system that is tailored to your needs. TRIVA is a solution that will reflect the work specificities of your business.

Addressing your company's needs

TRIVA has areas dedicated to each individual function within an enterprise. Choose the areas you are interested in, specify the number of work stations you need and we will adapt the ERP system to the current needs of your business.

Check all the functionalities of TRIVA
and see how they can be helpful in your organisation.